About me:

My name is Emily. I have interests in so many things* that I often lose track of them all myself, but the theme that seems to tie them all together is "How/why things work". Learning new things is something that I usually do purely for pleasure, although I often find up it ends up taking my life in interesting directions afterwards!

I originally qualified in Electronic Engineering and held a position as a Laboratory Technician in the Undergraduate labs at the University of Surrey for nine years. During that time I dabbled in online courses in Geology and Gemmology. I then decided it was time for a bit of a career change and I'm now working as a Scenes of Crime Officer (no, it's nothing like the TV show CSI, but it is constantly interesting!). Just to mix things up, I'm currently signed up to do a course on Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

I prefer action films to chick flicks, sci-fi & fantasy books to romance or general fiction novels, and crime dramas or documentaries to reality TV.

Please feel free to explore the links above, which should give you a bit of an idea of my other interests. I generally keep friend request acceptances on social media to those I have either actually met or at least talked with extensively online, with the exception of Twitter, which is a bit more open in general.


* "Things" include: Geology (especially volcanoes and earthquakes), Pharmacology, Electronics, Computing, Photography, Crafts (painting, knitting, cross-stitch), Online Gaming, the Paranormal, Cooking/Baking, Science in general, Reading (especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy) and general wonderment about the world and universe around me!